Wolverine and the X-Men

Dear Marvel Comics,

First of all, I apologize for not reading Wolverine and the X-Men when it was released.  After Schism, I saw the ad that you placed in the comic books to promote the new title and I just said to myself that it's just going to be another Wolverine title.  I'm cautious about reading another Wolverine-related comic book because just like Spider-man he appears in almost every Marvel comic book (to the point that it is joked as one of his mutant abilities).

After seeing Wolverine and the X-Men featured in Comic Book Resources' Top 100 books for 2012, I took the opportunity to read the ongoing series.  I am thankful for the review the CBR made otherwise I wouldn't be writing right now and apologizing for not picking up the book earlier.

My very first impression after reading the 1st issue was that it felt like Generation X all over again.  I considered Generation X a fun book and it was well written and well drawn.  Chris Bachalo just brings a lot of fun in his work and I would want him to do a lot more.


I have high praise for Jason Aaron and the characters and elements that he's putting into the series.  The series has a Harry Potter-like feel to it with all the mysterious situations that the Danger Room mansion bring.  The little bamfs are fun and they are as mischievous as the little helpers of Kurt Busiek's The Wizard's Tale.


And the characters.  The students are rowdy as they are powerful.  There's just so much diversity and interaction that it makes me miss my high school days when everything is so relaxed.  The teachers themselves are intense considering that they've been through a lot but they surely are not ready to be role models.

I look forward to the rest.  I don't know what's happening with the title right now in consideration to Marvel Now.  It surely is a top notch book that's worthy of time and money and effort.


A new Wolverine and the X-Men fan


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