Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Retire already...

Brett Favre.

A classy athlete that I knew of the first time after watching There's Something About Mary (apparently, I hadn't discovered American football yet). After seeing the movie, his legacy began to grow on me. Here was a quarterback who was destined to break quarterback records. He has achieved what needs to be achieved as a quarterback in the NFL.

Fast forward to the late 2000s. Favre flip-flops from retiring to unretiring and does it in straight offseasons. The first time was tense. The second time was exhilarating. So anyway, how many years has this happened? I don't know because it has gotten to a point that I wouldn't care anymore. Flip-flopping just shows immaturity. It shows the lack of ability to make a decision. Why couldn't you decide? Is it that difficult to let go of the game? It just destroys your legacy. It's now considered untainted after the miraculous 2007 season (who would forget the scoop pass?).

And the demands. Who says that Favre could now demand for his role in the team? Wouldn't that just undermine the authority of the coach? How about the authority of the general manager?

And since the great Favre has no foresight towards his decisions, he has obviously skipped on the process of thinking through a season. As written above, 2007 was a miracle season. What happens now if 2008 would be disastrous with Green Bay starting Favre as the quarterback? Of course, another miracle season would be extremely miraculous but would that be more possible than a disastrous season after a miraculous one? The NFL is one of the most inconsistent sport leagues and Favre hasn't been a model of consistency, has he?

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