Thursday, November 13, 2008

Kevin Garnett Taunting Jose Calderon II

My office colleague showed me the video and my first (and probably only) reaction was pure disgust. I've gone to read at forums and most people are saying that KG is classless and should have been assessed a technical foul for taunting. I think it's pure sellout. The NBA is too chicken to deal with stars (I assume that they consider KG as one of the faces of the NBA).

Other people are saying that they miss the good old NBA where taunting and physicality was the norm. Taunting is fairly normal but it shouldn't be that obvious to the public. Players can go on to trash talk (though Gary Payton would also be assessed a technical foul for non-stop trash talking before) and not get T'd up. That's okay because that can still be considered as part of the game. Kevin Garnett was not doing a normal trash talking. Chasing a player from one end of the court to the other end? Clapping? Heck, I get a technical foul when I clap my hands while I'm on the court!

Fans who are posting in defense of KG are saying that Calderon might have said something while chasing after KG's shot. That to me is the correct way to trash talk and taunt. How KG reacted to it is pure disgusting.

And if the NBA does not wish to go back to the days of the Palace brawl and Ron Artest, they better think again and review how KG was taunting another player which would have warranted a brawl (if I were Calderon's teammate, I would have words with KG and who knows what would happen next).

In this regard, I am starting a "No to KG in the All-Star" campaign. Kevin Garnett does not deserve to be in the All-Star game. True, it might have been just once that he did such a thing but he should be a better player than that.

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