Sunday, January 25, 2009

Picking out my All-Star Reserves

With the All-Star Starters already voted in, the debate now shifts to the Reserves. This is where things that the fans messed up are fixed. It is an ironic statement considering that after the All-Star Reserves are announced, even more debate rages out on who was left off the list and who is undeserving to be called an All-Star.

There are two ways that I'll go about on this. First, I'll pick out the players who I think I'd want to make it on MY team. Second, I'll pick out the players who I think are going to make it based on how the NBA and the coaches think.

Before moving on to my lists, I just want to air it out that Allen Iverson is the poorest choice for a starter but the fans can't be blamed. There is no other guard in the East with the same charisma as AI. Hopefully, fans will have heard who Devin Harris or Joe Johnson is after the All-Star game.

My list first:

Paul Pierce
Chris Bosh
Devin Harris
Joe Johnson

The four guys above are the can't-miss players for the East. Four guys who would get in despite whatever the record of their teams. Thankfully, the record is good for both Pierce and Johnson. Harris has been outstanding this season. And Bosh makes it as the only true outstanding big man in the East (aside from Howard and KG, of course).

The East's other 3:
David Lee - this will probably come out as a surprise to whoever gets to read this blog. But I like David Lee. He always plays hard despite how the NY Knicks have become. 2008-09 has been rewarding with the arrival of a better coach and he's continued to work hard. He deserves a break and deserves to be an All-Star.

Danny Granger - another player who works hard. He's playing lights out right now and who would have expected it when the season started? I didn't and Granger has placed the Pacers on his shoulders and has carried them all season long. This should also serve as a reward.

Mo Williams - LeBron's partner gets my vote for the last remaining slot. His arrival has helped transform the Cleveland Cavaliers into a better team. He has always been a good player. Paired with an All-Star, he just becomes great.

Dirk Nowitzki
Shaquille O'Neal
Chauncey Billups
Brandon Roy

The 3 players above jump right out to me. Never realized the moment when Shaq would jump right out as a reserve. Dirk gets in considering how clogged up the forward position is for the West (he'll thank Carmelo and Boozer for their injuries). Chauncey is the key player for Denver (and also thank you to Carmelo for that). Roy is now the required player for the Blazers if they continue to play well in every season.

The West's other 3:
Pau Gasol - he deserves this honor being Kobe's partner with the surging Lakers.

Kevin Martin - Martin continues to play well for a struggling Kings team. I'd say he does it all for Sacramento.

Paul Millsap - the Utah Jazz needs a representative to the All-Star and I say Millsap is the appropriate guy. He's a typical Jerry Sloan-type of a player. Plays hard but doesn't say much. And oh yeah, may I add that Boozer will not be a Jazz next season because of Millsap.

Probably Actual List:

Pierce, Bosh, Harris, Johnson, Granger, Jameer Nelson, Ray Allen

Nelson is playing well as of late. Orlando's success and his major contribution at their most questionable position will highlight his success and All-Star vote. Meanwhile, Allen is sort of an obligatory pick here for the coaches. The big 3 can't be the big 3 without their sharpshooter.

Nowitzki, O'Neal, Billups, Roy, Gasol, Tony Parker, Steve Nash

Parker is another obligatory pick who makes it after past years' success. But he's still a great player, of course. Nash meanwhile is a former MVP. I'm pretty sure he won't make it but then again, the coaches can always screw this up.

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