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M11 Possible Reprints and Omission (Blue)

Continuing my speculation on M11 possible reprints and omissions. This time, it's Blue.

Air Elemental - this simple card is now a staple just like what Serra Angel is to white. I had the sudden realization that Serra Angel might get removed and if so, Air Elemental could also be on the way out. Considering how I maintain that Serra Angel will be back, I put my trust on Air Elemental to be there also.

Alluring Siren - the puzzling Alluring Siren has an ability unexpected of Blue. If I'm a new player, I would ask myself why I would let his creatures attack me. That kind of explanation is sometimes hard to do. I would say that this creature is going out.

Cancel - the casting cost for a counter spell without any drawbacks or added bonuses is now at 1UU. Deprive from ROE is UU but with a drawback. There are rumors that Mana Leak might get reprinted in M11. Frankly, I think Negate and/or Essence Scatter would suffer from a Mana Leak reprinting (same casting cost for almost the same effect). Cancel continues to be efficient and Wizards would love to illustrate countering of spells in a Core Set.

Clone - this is another beautifully designed card showcasing Blue's ability to copy creatures. Considering that this is a reprint and is not used much in Constructed, I'd say it's a candidate for not returning. I expect a better Clone-like card in M11.

Convincing Mirage - showed up in some decks attempting to solve the Jund puzzle. With Jund about to rotate out and this card being a new card in M10, I expect it to be back.

Coral Merfolk - Blue's version of the bear. It should be back.

Disorient - somehow, Wizards like 7. Here, we see a -7/-0 ability which is somewhat exclusive only to Blue. Once again, it clearly shows how Blue is the color that tries to temporarily remove the power of a creature while not killing it via the spell. This card should be back.

Divination - a functional reprint of Counsel of Soratami. Counsel of Soratami boasts text from Champions of Kamigawa which is utterly foreign. I will assume that Divination is here to stay for years (and sets) to come.

Djinn of Wishes - here is another beautifully designed card that one can't stop and be amused over its design. Typical of Wizards to print a card like this which is not expected to see play in Constructed. It's a bomb in Limited though which is good enough for it to come back.

Essence Scatter - from my argument with Cancel regarding Mana Leak, I'd expect Essence Scatter to follow Negate into the not reprinted zone. Mana Leak costs the same as both Essence Scatter and Negate. By reprinting Mana Leak (and thus removing both Essence Scatter and Negate), it gives Wizards 1 slot while saving up with what Mana Leak can do. Mana Leak is still an appropriate counter spell - low cost but with a drawback. With that, it should be bye-bye Essence Scatter.

Fabricate - with Scars of Mirrodin (and the expected artifact theme) coming, I expect more artifact-specific cards to come. Fabricate is the odd card out.

Flashfreeze - same reasoning as Celestial Purge in white, Flashfreeze should return as Blue's way of showing hate to enemy colors.

Hive Mind - does anybody even use Hive Mind? I don't think so, even in Limited. I'd say that this card will be out.

Horned Turtle - this card illustrates how Blue likes to have turtles - small powered creatures but with big butts (I mean, toughness). Horned Turtle stays.

Ice Cage - a new card in M10. It provides pseudo creature removal in M10 Limited. It should be back.

Illusionary Servant - another new card in M10. I'm not sure if it's a functional reprint but I know the ability has existed in other colors. It wouldn't hurt much if it would be back.

Jace Beleren - here's where the debate should start. I've already speculated that Ajani Goldmane will be back for white simply because it's the simpler planeswalker compared to Elspeth, Knight-Errant. There are only two other choices: Jace 1.0 and Tezzeret the Seeker. Tezzeret enters into the debate since I saw the preview for the Scars of Mirrodin novel. Tezzeret could be a candidate for M11 reprint. Or not since it could be printed in SOM. I just think that it is too much that there are 2 versions of Jace planeswalker in Standard (well, when Sarkhan the Mad was released, that entailed into 2 versions of Sarkhan also). In any case, I will lean on the original Jace Beleren to be reprinted because I've seen him in some of the card art. Another reason is that it's a cheap answer to Jace the Mind Sculptor (this last reason is totally baseless but I like it).

Jump - Jump got back after being missing since 4th Edition. I wish it wouldn't return but since it's a card that simple enough to explain and provides sufficient flavor to the color, I think this card will be back.

Levitation - another wonderful Limited bomb. It's a candidate to be omitted. It wouldn't hurt for the card to be back but something has got to be omitted.

Merfolk Looter - this card shows the ability of blue to draw cards while having the drawback of discarding one afterwards. There will always be Looter type creatures in a set. Merfolk Looter does the job quite well.

Merfolk Sovereign, Mind Control - new cards based from older versions. They should be back.

Mind Spring - intriguing card. Just recently reprinted from Morningtide. It has seen action with Blue-White decks. At the rare slot, it doesn't hurt to have it back considering it showcases what blue does also - drawing cards. I'll say it will be back.

Negate - read Essence Scatter.

Phantom Warrior - this card seems to survive. Again, it showcases blue's evasion ability aside from flying. I'll say that it will be back.

Polymorph - I'm a Polymorph fan. But sadly, I don't think I'll see this card back. Wizards would want the Eldrazi creatures to be played the way they should be played and not with a shortcut card like Polymorph. With that, it's time to lay Polymorph to rest (and effectively killing one particular deck in Standard).

Ponder - should be back. Sleight of Hand is the next best thing but Ponder is better.

Sage Owl - this should be a candidate of not coming back.

Serpent of the Endless Sea, Sleep - two new cards in M10. Serpent of the Endless Sea does not see much play but it's a nicely designed card along with Sleep. They should both be back.

Snapping Drake - there is one other drake in M10. This is a great utility card in Limited but considering that it's a reprint, I would assume that this card will be replaced by a new flying creature.

Sphinx Ambassador - this card is almost like Djinn of Wishes. It does wonderful things yet it remains unused in Standard. With a focus on Limited, I think this card will be back.

Telepathy - out with this card already!

Time Warp - quite a long time for Time Warp to be reprinted again. It's the mythic ability for blue and I don't see why it shouldn't be reprinted.

Tome Scour - newly made. It should be back. It will most probably be the only mill effect in the set.

Traumatize - I will speculate that it is time for Traumatize to go. Tome Scour is still much better in terms of rarity.

Twincast - a wonderful card for Blue. I think it will be back.

Unsummon - we will not see Boomerang anymore. As such, Unsummon becomes the token creature returner in the set. It should get reprinted.

Wall of Frost - the wall in the color. Pretty nicely designed. It should be back also.

Wind Drake - same discussion with the other drake, this would probably be removed in favor of another type of drake.

Zephyr Sprite - back.

One thing I've noticed with the blue cards is that some of the creatures are the usual creatures that Jace Beleren summons (the sphinx, the drake, and the sprite). I'm halfway to Agents of Artifice and if I haven't been reading the book, I wouldn't be able to get into a debate on whether certain cards (or creatures) get in or not. Anyway, I'm sure that Wizards can concoct a different story for Jace.

Around 11 cards from blue that I speculate wouldn't return. Not bad considering I almost have the same number from white.

Unfortunately, my mind is not that open towards what new cards would be reprinted for blue.

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