Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What to read in DC's new 52? (Green Lantern new 52)

It's been a long time since I've blogged about comic books.  A lot has happened in the comics worlds.  Marvel Comics stood by while DC Comics initiated a revamp (again) with Flashpoint.  It's been more than a year since Flashpoint started.  I seem to have already put it at the back of my mind as since with DC's new 52, they never happened.  The events of Flashpoint ushered in the new 52.

The New 52 had DC Comics characters rebooting.  This month, DC is at zero month releasing all zero issues from various titles.  It's a great way to catch on with what's happening with all the DC characters.  As how DC Comics likes to call it: it's a great jump on point.

I haven't been following with all the the DC new 52 titles.  As like before, I have been following Batman and his various titles, Green Lantern and related titles (the focus of this post), Flash, and Justice League of America.

With all the reboot and revamping, the Green Lantern titles have remained as they were before the new 52 came in.  Green Lantern titles coincided with the Flashpoint event and at the end of the War of the Green Lanterns Hal Jordan got expelled and Sinestro got to be a member of the Green Lantern Corps again.

The story did continue even with the new 52 tagline.  Hal Jordan and Sinestro are surprisingly working together in the Green Lantern title.  It's a wonderful read.  Sinestro is supposed to be the bad guy but suddenly Jordan has to "bow" to Sinestro's whims.

Green Lantern Corps title focuses on the two other human Green Lanterns: Guy Gardner and John Stewart.  If you want to see more appearances from the other corps members, this is the title to read.

Last but not the least is Green Lantern - New Guardians which continues the combining of the other color lanterns in one big adventure.  The human Green Lantern in this title is Kyle Rayner.  If you're fascinated with the other color lanterns in the past (in War of Light storyline) then this title is for you.

All 3 Green Lantern titles are still a must read.

Not really a Green Lantern but Red Lanterns got their own title and it's quite boring.  Atrocitus struggles to maintain control over his group and frankly I wonder what they're fussing about.  It's just too much red at this point (and it's not my favorite color).

Hopefully things will pick up with Red Lantern with the Third Army storyline arc that DC is putting together.


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