Saturday, June 30, 2007

It's World War Hulk

World War Hulk is on Marvel right now. After more than 6 months of Civil War, an even bigger issue hits the Marvel Universe that would make Civil War look like child's play. Civil War "involved" only the US. World War Hulk, as the name implies, should involve the whole world much like the 2 real World Wars that we've had. As what happened in the first issue of World War Hulk #1, Hulk beat Black Bolt to a pulp. And this happened in the moon.

After Civil War saw the pro-registration guys win the war and Iron Man appointed as SHIELD director, I was skeptical of the 50 States Initiative that Marvel put into place. The whole idea would be overexposure and might dry up the ideas of the House of Ideas. Well then, World War Hulk should return Marvel to normal. I just can't wait how everything would play out.

I'm also a non-fan of Incredible Hulk (although I did watch the movie). Here's a mean, green brainless (originally) monster who is probably the exact irony of a superhero. Bruce Banner has to get mad to be a "hero." Didn't we ever grow up knowing that we have to check our tempers? Hulk used to be a joy to watch if you're a kid because he's fond of destroying, just like we were when we were babies.

But I have to admit that World War Hulk has intrigued me. And I will be following up on the whole series. You should too.

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