Saturday, June 9, 2007

still catching up

After almost 2 months of no contact with any comic book, I'm still catching up. I've got new ones that are debuts but I haven't gone through them yet.

So far, it's been great reading X-Factor. Peter David still has it and the book brings back memories of the X-Factor team that Havok was leading. I'm glad that I started reading it when it was just starting and I've been hooked ever since. Highly recommended. One note: Layla Miller is the "X-Factor" (for lack of a better word) character of the book. She provides a lot of the funny stuff that occurs to the team.
I'm also following the Back in Black saga of Spider-man. Weird timing considering that he's all black in Spider-man 3. Well, I haven't figured out where he got back his costume - I'm sure it's not the alien one.
Of all the Civil War Initiative titles out there, I'm keeping tabs with Thunderbolts. I've heard of them a lot of times before and I heard more when they became a featured team in the VS system. Maybe I'm just too lazy to follow up on the rest of the Initiative titles but the Thunderbolts are one crazy team (or team-up). You've got reformed criminals who are "trying" to do good when it has never been good before. Go figure. Besides, anytime you've got a team that has Venom and Bullseye in it is good enough to read.
Speaking of Civil War Initiative, Joe Quesada is pinning a lot on this and I'm just waiting for the time when he'll have exhausted all resources regarding having superheroes on all the states in America. Well, I'm sure he hasn't featured Hawaii yet. Come to think of it, who's assigned in Hawaii?
And oh yeah, read Criminal. I can't wait for Ed Brubaker to sell his story and make it into a movie. Yo, Ed! Frank Miller's making a whole bunch of money with his Sin City and 300. Your stories can kick ass.

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