Thursday, July 12, 2007


How do I begin?

This book got me hooked.

That good enough?

Anyway, I´ve been keeping a close lookout on new releases and I never knew anything about Faker so I figured out that I´d give it a try. I wasn´t disappointed over my decision to get this book. From the cover, I thought it´d be a book about supernatural powers (and I could still be mistaken after reading just the first issue). If the book stays as it is with it´s gritty look at college students, it´d still be a blast.

I´m surprised that Mike Carey still captures the essence of college life. Though I have a different college life than what the characters are having in the book, it´s the typical college life in America, I guess. I´m just amazed that Carey really got into it: the drugs, the parties, the puking, etc.

And a nice intro too with the seduction of the instructor. That girl can do it to me but of course I´m way much better than that instructor.

Well, all I can say for now is that these Vertigo books are doing really fine with their stories. I can´t wait to get my hands on the next issue.

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