Thursday, August 30, 2007

2 concerts (6 rock bands) in a week

August 27 at the SU Founder's Day Booth Area saw Chippy (or Jack 'N Jill) sponsoring a free concert featuring Pedicab, Callalilly, and 6 Cycle Mind. August 30 saw another 3 band concert at Macias Sports Complex. This time the concert featured Imago, Itchyworms, and Rocksteddy.

Here's my take on the separate concerts:

It's the first time that I've witnessed a free concert topbilled by known bands and held at the Founder's Day booth area. The stage was too small but it was enough to allow each band to frolick and jump around (and without destroying the stage!). Thank God that the audio system was working really well and the vocals could be heard clearly by the crowd.

Pedicab isn't that famous to me but their sound was like listening to Orgy (not the sexual act).

Callalilly is more famous and I was surprised that they sang the songs that I would hear most of the time on the radio stations. Chalk one up for the ignorant!

6 Cycle Mind played revivals mostly and I would have preferred that they had more original songs.

The one thing about these bands was that they didn't have a distinctive voice that would enable a listener to identify one from the other.

Oh yeah, I was watching all this (and part of 6 Cycle Mind's performance) despite the rain. If it was a continuous downpour, it would have been even more fun. I was confused whether I was wet with sweat or rain...

After the Founder's Day, some organizers had the balls to stage a non-free concert and on a work night. Go figure. I had a free VIP ticket so I happily watched the concert. The venue was too big for a concert like this and they probably would have enjoyed it much better if they were playing at an open field (like the booth area).

Imago should be successful if they continue to release a lot of original songs. The vocalist certainly has a great voice. Hopefully she won't think about going solo and leave the rest of her bandmates out on the rain.

Itchyworms started their part with lively music and kept on with it. The main vocalist even had to change guitars in the middle of their whole part as one the strings probably broke. I appreciate their effort to get everybody in the band to sing. They sounded (and looked) like Side A.

Rocksteddy certainly proved to be a great main event. I must say that they must have planned all their moves: diving into the crowds, jumping over each other, and the guitarist banging the cymbals.

With the type of occupation that I have, I had to behave. Certainly, I could headbang my way but no sound made me feel like doing so. Maybe next time...

All 3 rock bands did well and they played to the audiences' delight. Nice performance in all!

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