Sunday, September 9, 2007


The link above is for Wizard Universe´s Captain America poll. There are 5 choices, namely: Hawkeye, Falcon, USAgent, Punisher, and Winter Soldier. Here are my takes on each choice and why I chose who I chose.

Hawkeye is an archer and he needs his bow and arrows. Although I think he´s as agile and athletic as Steve Rogers, Hawkeye is too hot tempered and too unpatriotic to don the mantle of Captain America.

Falcon definitely can´t be Captain America. The dude is too buffed up. I wonder if he´d be able to jump around the way Cap does.

Punisher is a hitman, a gunman and any other ¨man¨ as long as it´s associated with a gun. How ironic that Cap uses a shield (which can be described as the opposite of the gun because the shield deflects projectile objects like a gun). Punisher as Captain America would mean a gun-wielding Cap. And considering how sane (or insane) Frank Castle is, no villain would remain alive if the are captured by the Punisher-Captain America. And in closing on the discussion about the Punisher, he is too much of a vigilante to be Captain America.

Winter Soldier would be the next closest to the character I supposedly chose. Which leads me to the defining point on why I chose USAgent (despite probably some character issues with the Agent): the use of the shield. USAgent is probably the best suited person to wield a shield. He should be comfortable enough and he´s almost Captain America. But it´d be a gimme already if that´s the case right. So anyway, I wouldn´t be surprised if Marvel Comics would choose Winter Soldier to be the next Captain America.

The second link is for Wizard Universe´s poll for Spider-Man´s worst costumes. And again, a take on each choice.

The Ben Reilly version is probably the sleekest of the 5. It looks good and close to the Spidey original costume.

The Spider-man 2099 is probably a homage to the Black Spider-man costume and in a ¨dark¨ futuristic age, the black costume fits the bill. He just doesn´t look all that friendly being black.

I personally read the issue that featured the Silver Spider Armor prominently. I think the cover itself prompted me to ask my father to buy the comic book for me. It was the 100th issue of Web of Spider-man. I forgot the villain he was facing but Peter Parker had to do something about his costume (or had to think up of something) to not get killed easily so in a snap he made the armor. Of course he won against the villain!

The red and gold spider armor is courtesy of Tony Stark and featured prominently in Civil War. It´s actually a cool costume too and with all the arms coming out behind him.

And finally, the worst of the 5. Scarlet Spider costume with the grey (or blue) hooded jacket (or vest). I mean, where in Heaven´s name did he get such a jacket? And with the weird positioning of the spider symbol? Sheesh. No wonder Wizards voted this as the lamest character - off the charts!

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