Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Top 10 Lorwyn cards

The cards I chose below are from my own point of view. How I think, I evaluate a card's usability and translate its power. It would have been much better if I didn't count them down (I might be mistaken with my judgment). So here it is. I added a few notes to my evaluation.

10. Shriekmaw

Among the first cards that got spoiled, it has relegated the usability of Terror. It's much more expensive than a Nekrataal but does the same job at 1 black mana lesser. And its Fear ability isn't so bad either. Late game beater.

9. Cryptic Command

The commands are interesting. 4 abilities to choose from in one card. It's always great to counter a spell so that's already one useful ability. Then there's tapping all your opponents creatures. And of course, the always important card advantage.

8. Vigor

It's quite big and adequate for its casting cost. Add to the ability of making the rest of your creatures seem like having a protection and making them grow bigger. Now that's something. And with Lorwyn being creature-based, there's sure to be a lot of creatures that can grow because of Vigor. Bravo to this Incarnation!

7. Mulldrifter

Ey, I shouldn't be missing out on card advantage. This elemental is as super (or even better) than Shriekmaw and it has evasion too. Card advantage is always good.

6. Mirror Entity

This one turn creature transformer can make those weenies be big and just end the game right there. Egads! The weenies have another weapon to rely on for massive creature damage.

5. Austere Command

Mass creature removal is always good. More so it's slightly selective mass removal. Another weapon for weenies who want to get rid of those pesky bigger creatures.

4. Garruk Wildspeaker

Probably the best of the new Planeswalkers. It can activate its big ability as fast as the next turn already. By itself, it can generate as many 3/3 Elephants as it wants. A powerhouse on its own.

3. Gaddock Teeg

More powerful stuff for weenies. This creature can just stop all those 4cc spells on its tracks. No more WoG, Damnation, or even those Blaze or Disintegrate.

2. Oblivion Ring

Observers are reminiscing Vindicate. Oblivion Ring is easier on the eyes with its single color casting cost and at the same speed and effect. Should be the removal spell of choice for white.

1. Profane Command

I couldn't believe that I'd be left with Profane Command as number one. Seems kind of risky to choose this card. But it's an excellent finisher with its Drain Life effect, or removal effect, or even its provision of fear to multiple number of creatures.

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