Friday, January 11, 2008

ASM 546

It's a Brand New Day.

And I love it!

Maybe I love the Brand New Day side of Spider-man because he just got out of his marriage and I just got out of my own shackling relationship.

But the whole idea presents a whole lot of directions to go to. It literally frees Peter Parker from one damn obligation in his life (his wife). Being a bachelor allows him to not be at home every night to be with the wifey. Being a bachelor allows him to flirt with all those cute babes in dashing and sexy uniforms. Being a bachelor wouldn't make Peter feel guilty about humping one with Black Cat.

Peter is now a bachelor. Just like Bruce Wayne. The difference between the two is that Peter is not rich and his "roommate" does not know that he's Spider-man.

More power to Marvel on this one! I hope it sticks!

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