Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Shadowmoor top 10 cards

This is a top 10 list inspired by the now-canceled Inquest magazine.

I might disagree with how Inquest used to do their list (who would have thought that Mortify would be the best card from Guildpact) but there are times that I enjoy how they rate their cards. They might miss out on some but nevertheless it inspires one to do similar things.

My criteria for creating a list: said card should be able to deliver an impact on its own (or if needing a couple of cards to deliver maximum impact, it should be a commonly available card type and not a specific card). I am a believer of combos. I adore how other people can think up of great combos. But this is not a top 10 combo list. A card, by its own, can easily be rated as "powerful" even on its own lonesome. A perfect example: Wrath of God.

And so, my list:

10. Prison Term

Finally, a Pacifism that can easily be transferred. One of the unfortunate things in Magic when using Pacifism is the realization that a better creature gets played right at the next moment that Pacifism is played. Prison Term ensures that succeeding better creatures won't be able to attack or block thus rendering the need to draw another Prison Term moot.

9. Flame Javelin

A direct damage card. How unusual is that? This card is because it can be splashed into just about any deck. Of course, it's lamer to pay 6 mana for 4 damage but the thing is, it's useful in any deck and that's enough.

8. Counterbore

I can't seem to have a top 10 list without a permission spell. This one mixes Lobotomy to Counterspell. Despite the high casting cost, it seems to have become a trend (I did write a long time ago that a decent counter spell without any frills or additional benefits is costed at 2UU). This card might not actually see play in any Standard Constructed deck but it sure looks tempting to break. Its power level is just fit to be placed in the top 10.

7. Vexing Shusher

And... one of the reasons why I kill myself with putting Counterbore in the top 10 list is simply because of Vexing Shusher. It's just the card that red and green are looking for. The card completely hoses blue mages' counterspells. And at 2/2 for 2 casting cost, it entirely fits the mindset of a red or green aggressive deck.

6. Godhead of Awe

Barring the weird art, this UW version of the Spirit Avatar cycle of Shadowmoor creates numerous problems. How about 1/1 creature problems. The mass effect it brings to the table is enough to turn the game around. And, oh yeah, 4/4 flying for 5 casting cost is not bad too.

5. Demigod of Revenge

How about that for another blue hoser? Or, even a slap to discard decks. Another of the Shadowmoor's spirit avatars makes an appearance and it's right for its color at black and red. Oh, and it's flying and it has haste. Other copies in the graveyard? They come right back and pummel for more possible damage. That's gotta hurt.

To be continued...

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