Sunday, June 15, 2008

Continuation of top 10 Shadowmoor cards

One note: Unfortunately, I made a mistake regarding Inkfathom Witch. I thought it was the Turn to Mist like witch. Re-evaluating it, I realized it isn't that good. So, the top 10 cards are now down to just 9 cards. Hard to recall what I thought of as an honorable mention among the top 10 cards.

I finished with Demigod of Revenge the last time. I'm down to just 3 cards and they are:

Oona, Queen of the Fae

I must say that this is one wicked Legendary Creature - library depletion and creature production rolled into one. And it doesn't hurt either that it's a 5/5 flyer for just 6 mana.

Knollspine Invocation

In the tradition of Seismic Assault comes an enchantment that turns all the cards in the hand to direct damage spells. Granted that it's still costly to do so, still, a card worthy to turn around games.

Beseech the Queen

And finally, the best card that I can think of in Shadowmoor has to be one of the most versatile tutors I've ever seen. At the least, it could probably tutor a 2 or 3 casting cost card at the 2nd turn or 3rd turn. At the most (and costliest casting cost to play it), it could tutor a 6 casting cost card. And just like Flame Javelin, this card can be splashed anywhere. Now that has got to be something.

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