Tuesday, June 1, 2010

M11 Possible reprints and omissions (Red)

Time to do Red:

Act of Treason - Red always gets a pseudo-Control Magic type of spells. This is the new spell from M10. It's sure to be back.

Ball Lightning - before M10, Ball Lightning last appeared in 5th Ed. One more year!

Berserkers of Blood Ridge - I wonder why Wizards continue to print 5 casting cost cards at 4/4 plus with a drawback and no evasion. If they wanted to show that a Berserker is supposed to attack every turn then there should be a specific reason as to why a player would. In Limited, it's 4/4 (Beast) body is quite good enough but it's still a common filler. I would want to say that this card would be back considering it's first printing is in M10 but I will be bold to say that it will not.

Bogardan Hellkite - from rare slot in Time Spiral to mythic rare in M10. It didn't see much use in Constructed but would still illicit "Oohs" and "Aahs" (in my opinion). Won't hurt to be back.

Burning Inquiry, Burst of Speed - new cards showcasing red's abilities. Both should be back.

Canyon Minotaur - it seems that red will always be the color of unfair creatures. Canyon Minotaur is another example (4 casting cost with 3/3 body). This card should be back. Wizards loves minotaurs.

Capricious Efreet - the thing about red is that it is very random and unstable. Capricious Efreet is yet another example of that randomness. It is a wonderfully designed card so I would say that it will be back.

Chandra Nalaar - only 2 real red planeswalkers have been printed and they're both Chandras. The 2nd Chandra never found a place in Constructed although I would love to make a deck around it just for the heck of it. The original Chandra is much simpler and doesn't need a lot of shenanigans. I expect this version to be back.

Dragon Whelp - Wizards wanted to illustrate having a small dragon. I say this card is a candidate for not coming back.

Earthquake - returned after 7th Ed. Provides enough for the rare slot. I say it'll be back.

Fiery Hellhound - yet another clunky creature. Thank goodness there's an ability. As such, it wouldn't hurt for it to be back.

Fireball - with all the x damage spells that's available in Standard right now, Fireball would be a candidate to not return. But a Core Set would need to have its x damage spell. Earthquake is already there though. It would have been fun to see Banefire return since it's rotating out soon. I was quite surprised to see that M10 had Earthquake, Fireball, and even Pyroclasm. Wizards surely pushed for red to be fiery in M10.

Firebreathing - it's an essential Aura Enchantment for red. But it's one of the least used cards despite its ability. Wizards can survive not having it printed.

Goblin Artillery, Goblin Chieftain - updated cards from previous sets. Sure to be back.

Goblin Piker - red's bear is a 2/1. I'll say it won't be back. A better card can be printed instead.

Ignite Disorder - this card should be back like its brothers in the other colors.

Inferno Elemental, Jackal Familiar - new cards that should be back.

Kindled Fury - I'll say that this can be scrapped.

Lava Axe - always a staple in Core Sets. Not used in Constructed and a bit questionable in Limited. I'll say that it can be scrapped.

Lightning Bolt - ignited a lot of old players' excitement. It was last printed in 4th Ed. I say, Lightning Bolt will be here for years to come.

Lightning Elemental - Ball Lightning's smaller brother can be replaced easily. It won't be missed.

Magma Phoenix - if there's a new card that can be scrapped, this is it. Useless for being too costly yet it still has a use in Limited. It's still quite a bomb. This seems to be the requisite Phoenix in the Core Set. Okay, you can come back...

Manabarbs - a recent sideboard card. I think this can be a candidate for a non return.

Panic Attack - a common bomb. It has its uses in Limited and showcases red's evasion ability. It will be back.

Prodigal Pyromancer - the token "pinger" in the Core Set. I'll say it will be back.

Pyroclasm - each release seems to have its own version of Pyroclasm. I think Pyroclasm is a key card in the Core Set and should return.

Raging Goblin - should not be back. Here is an opportunity for Wizards to print a spiffy new Goblin for M11.

Seismic Strike - red's version of Tendrils of Corruption. It should be back since it's also a new card.

Shatter - red can only destroy artifacts and this is the token artifact destroyer in the Core Set. It should be back.

Shivan Dragon - I think nobody plays Shivan Dragon anymore. It has been printed so many times that nobody looks for it anymore. This overexposed Dragon should take a rest for at least a year and provide a rare slot for a new card - and most likely a new Dragon to boot.

Siege-Gang Commander - a nifty Goblin creature that is well-loved. I think it will be back for 1 more go.

Sparkmage Apprentice - reprinted after Ravnica, it's a candidate for a non return. I say so.

Stone Giant - Wizards must have a specific reason as to why they got this creature back from 5th Ed. It's actually a fun card to have despite its non-use in Constructed. I expect this card to be back for M11.

Trumpet Blast - red can increase the power of creatures. Unlike green, red cannot increase the toughness. Trumpet Blast should be here to stay as the token power modifier for red.

Viashino Spearhunter - new card in M10 will be back again. Curious that the Viashinos no longer die after they attack or at the end of turn.

Wall of Fire - red's wall is likely to return.

Warp World - a most confusing spell in M10. This won't be back. I expect a similar spell.

Yawning Fissure - back. Wizards do not want land destruction spells anymore. This card ensures that both players are slowed down rather than just one player.

On my count, I have it at 11 or 12. Again, I got the correct number.

Some red cards that could probably be worthy of a Core Set reprinting would be Banefire and Volcanic Fallout. I doubt that they'd reprint both.

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