Friday, June 4, 2010

M11 Possible reprints and omissions (green)

My take on green. For the record, I've read Tom LaPille's column. This post is written with that article in mind.

Acidic Slime, Ant Queen - I'm a little bit more sure with Acidic Slime but not with Ant Queen. Considering Ant Queen was a little bit promoted as the Launch Party giveaway, I'd say it would be a slap to Wizards' face that they wouldn't bring back Ant Queen. Acidic Slime, meanwhile, showed a bit of promise with its utility ability. They'll both be back.

Awakener Druid - I'll go out on a limb with my claim that Awakener Druid won't be back. I consider the ability to be a little bit confusing. It's also too difficult to remember the said Forest without any other markers or counters. I'd expect Wizards to print something else that would give out the same ability but up to until the beginning of the end step only.

Birds of Paradise - already rumored to be the Buy-a-box giveaway.

Borderland Ranger, Bountiful Harvest - Borderland Ranger go a little use. Bountiful Harvest is not used. For Borderland Ranger, it's a functional reprint of an old card but is reverted back to a human. As for Bountiful Harvest, it's a nice introduction to green's limited ability to gain life. They'll both be back.

Bramble Creeper - a questionably designed card. An experienced player certainly wouldn't play this card. An advanced player might just ponder at the question on why play the card itself. In any case, this should not be back.

Centaur Courser - centaurs for green as to minotaurs for red. Since it's a new card, this should be back.

Craw Wurm - ah... Big and costly Craw Wurm. Some would say that there's a sentimentality to having the Craw Wurm back. As of the moment, I think it will be out.

Cudgel Troll - a new card to show another creature type available to green as well as to show the Regenerate ability. I think green will still have regeneration as an ability. This will be back.

Deadly Recluse, Elvish Archdruid - both should be back.

Elvish Piper - scrap this card already. It's not being used. I might say that a sorcery spell might be created to replace the Elvish Piper.

Elvish Visionary - the subtle Elvish Visionary shows how green is able to occasionally draw cards. I believe this will be back.

Emerald Onyx - I'll go out on a limb again to say that this card won't be back. I think the landwalk ability is too clunky.

Enormous Baloth - if Craw Wurm will be removed, it seems that Enormous Baloth could be too. This is in the uncommon slot though and it possesses better stats than the Craw Wurm. This will probably be back.

Entangling Vines - with a card like Plummet getting printed, this might remove Entangling Vines as the color's "creature kill".

Fog - an old favorite, it has returned since 7th Ed. It should be back for one more year.

Garruk Wildspeaker - only 2 green planeswalkers have been printed. Of the 2, Garruk is much simpler and unlike Nissa Revane, which requires one extra card to be printed (Nissa's Chosen), Garruk has the basic rules of a planeswalker. I expect Garruk to come back.

Giant Growth - the token power/toughness modifying spell for green. It should be back.

Giant Spider - I have doubts regarding Giant Spider. Wizards might want to print a new spider with reach just to give a fresh paint for the Core Set.

Great Sable Stag - great creature. At the rare slot, it does not provide too much confusion with its cannot be countered and protection text. It should be back.

Howl of the Night Pack - like red and black with their land interactions, green also has a few up its sleeve. I think this card will be back. It's quite over costed but with an ability like that, it's bound to be a bomb.

Kalonian Behemoth - the 7 to cast 9/9 is not that attractive to players. I expect another big fattie to be (re)printed here.

Llanowar Elves - I'll say that this card won't be back. Considering that there are 2 different other cards with (almost) the same ability, it would be too redundant. With that said, I expect though that the Llanowar Elves (or a functional reprint) would be printed in SOM.

Lurking Predators - a painful card. I wonder why they even printed it. It has its use in Limited. Other than that, nobody would bother. I say it won't be back.

Master of the Wild Hunt - a new card and at mythic slot. This should be back.

Might of Oaks - Wizards love 7. Here at the rare slot, the p/t modifier spell increases each stat by 7. Quite appropriate. This card should be back.

Mist Leopard - 4 to cast 3/2 Shroud. Pretty straightforward. Nothing else. It should be back.

Mold Adder - Wizards wanted this to complement the other hoser cards. Already declared as not coming back.

Naturalize - the Core Set will always need a basic enchantment and artifact removal spell. I expect this to be back.

Nature's Spiral - I'm amused at how Wizards always attempts to print cards that return something. In this case, Nature's Spiral has not yet shown any use but I think it will be back.

Oakenform - it should be back as an example of p/t modifier in an enchantment.

Overrun - after seeing one of the card names of the M11 Intro Packs, I will say that Overrun is on its way out.

Prized Unicorn - a unique card on its own. The ability makes it quite a bomb in Limited. It should be back.

Protean Hydra - Wizards love to do this sort of stuff. The card is able to portray how a hydra should be. But then, nobody uses the card. Just too bad. It won't be back.

Rampant Growth - a veteran card that should be back. It clearly shows how green is able to accelerate in terms of lands.

Regenerate, Runeclaw Bear, Stampeding Rhino - all are new cards which I expect to be back. Regarding Runeclaw Bear, this is now the new bear for green. Rather than sticking with Grizzly Bears which lacks any fantasy aspect, Runeclaw Bear adds something else to the name. Regenerate should be back as it is printed. It tries to illustrate the regenerate ability without being a useless clunky enchantment.

Windstorm - Hurricane, which was a better card, didn't get reprinted because of Windstorm. With the existence of Plummet, I'm betting that this card won't be back. Besides, it's not being used in Standard.

On my count: I reached 14 which is not bad. I'm bound to be mistaken in several of the cards.

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