Friday, September 3, 2010


No, I'm not wasted. More to the point, this is sort of a review (and an appreciation) for the graphic novel by Gerry Alanguilan entitled Wasted.

At first glance, Wasted seems to be just a simple graphic novel. It's set in black and white. And the story/main topic is very common for everyone's imagination: one's angst towards the world. It starts out like most angry stories do, an unsuccessful love story that evolves into something more. As you read the graphic novel, you get to explore Eric, the main character, and his anger towards his father after an unsuccessful endeavor in law school, his hatred towards society's norms when his father is murdered by thugs, and other things that just oh so suddenly becomes unwanted.

Yet simple as it is, the graphic novel is a beautiful rendition of what the Philippines is today: it is full of annoying religious people seeking to sway as to their sect (or group), citizens who do not heed the health of other people, robbers, policemen who recklessly shoots innocent bystanders, elected officials who are criminals, and best of all, husbands-to-be who are perverts.

The first few pages made me cringe over the main character. How could he not handle the problems? But later on, I begin to feel an attachment towards the character. I would dare say that every guy who has been heartbroken might somehow ended up just like the main character. I would admittedly say so that I would have. Eric chose his own path. He might have been high on drugs or it might have been just the result of environmental pressure. I would not dare judge him for what he did because it could have been me. In full appreciation of the character, he's much stronger than most of us.

Bravo to Gerry Alanguilan for a beautiful portrayal of life no matter how simple it may look. It gave me a fresh perspective towards life.

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