Thursday, October 25, 2012

Marvel Now Deadpool

Marvel Now Deadpool

Deadpool is one unfortunate victim of Marvel's new endeavor called Marvel Now.

In his supposed "last" issue, Daniel Way had to give in because sales were going down.  Frankly, Marvel destroyed itself by releasing too many Deadpool titles.  I can't name them all but here are some of them:

Deadpool Team-up
Deadpool Merc with a Mouth
Deadpool Corps
Deadpool: Max

I found the concept of Deadpool Team-up a good read considering it usually had good humor on it.  But it just became silly when they couldn't come up with concepts for other team-ups.

I understand Deadpool: Max is different.  I just find it too weird.

As for Deadpool Corps, that was stretching it.  And putting Rob Liefeld on it is the killer.  Once I saw the cover, I already knew it was a Liefeld art.  It's that bad.

Keep Deadpool interesting, Marvel peeps.  You know he's an intriguing character (probably in the same level as Wolverine) but you don't need him appearing in all your titles.  Just because Ryan Reynolds played him in the Wolverine Origins movie doesn't mean that everyone will want to read all the titles.

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