Friday, November 16, 2012

The Walking Dead

Walking Dead
I've been wanting to write a review about this ongoing comic book series. People have been fascinated about the TV series and some don't even know that it started out as a comic book.

I'm not a fan of zombies but I was more than fascinated by the series. First of, my thanks to a very good friend and fellow geek, Dr. Eugene Baje, who urged me to start reading the series. In his words, he said that it's not the typical zombie comic book. Thank goodness I listened to him though it took quite a while for me to be convinced.

By the way, I don't watch the TV series. Like I said, I'm not a fan of zombies. Thus, I just stick to the reading part. This post is not about the TV series. So, if you were expecting something about the TV series, you would be disappointed.  I do mention something about the TV series and that's it.

What fascinates me about The Walking Dead comic book is how it is more about how people respond to a zombie apocalypse and not really about the zombies.  The series focuses on the people who have not been "turned" and shows how these people will do anything to stay alive.  I just got reminded now that it is similar to Y: The Last Man only this time, there are other guys walking around and not just girls.  In an apocalypse, people will do what needs to be done (and sex is certainly part of it!).

Robert Kirkman (the writer) has certainly made Image Comics relevant again.  I've read his Invincible series (and that's another series to write about) but I never expected The Walking Dead to be this good.  It doesn't even matter that The Walking Dead is in black and white.  Frankly, it's still so good.  Being in black and white just seems to fit to a zombie apocalypse book.  Props to the penciller Charlie Adlard.

About the TV series: Kirkman has mentioned that it won't be the same as the comic book because he wants something different.  There are similarities though and I enjoy "spoiling" some parts of the comic book to TV series enthusiasts.

For TV series enthusiasts: pick up the comic book series and start with number 1.  It's so much better.  The story moves fast and it's nerve wracking.  It really is worth the time and effort.


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